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Portfolio of Michelle Moskiewicz

E.G.A. : Video Game Pitch

E.G.A. is a narrative-based video game designed to teach new recruits what Boot Camp for the United States Marine Corps is like. Players will experience the three phases of recruit training while coming to understand the Marine Corps ethos: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. The documents include the original game pitch,  narrative outline, and triggered character dialogue script for the first chapter. 

Lostlorn: Atlas/Codex

World building documents for the Kingdom of Skyhold and the Empire of Raja for Lostlorn Game's upcoming tabletop roleplaying game book Vestur: Atlas/Codex. The document includes key information about the land, the people, trading, military, etc. Includes original vile cult, the Kamoraajy.

Battle of Kaiju - Script

Battle of Kaiju is a Science Fiction opening scene following young space-soldier Douglas Vance as he and his crew battle an alien species known only as Kaiju. When he stumbles into an unknown part of the ship, he realizes that humans may be the enemy.

Open Your Eyes - Script

Open Your Eyes is a suspenseful short film about an alcoholic veteran who after leaving the military wants to become an EMT, but when failures from his past begin to haunt him he must find a way to deal with the trauma which seems impossible because the ghost of a young Marine is standing in his way. 8 pages.

Horns & Tales: Battle of the Guilds 

Horns & Tales: Battle of the Guilds is a full-length, fantasy-based comic book script that tells the tale of young adventurer, Alex Tennur. Upon arriving in a small village, Alex finds himself in the middle of a quarrel between two parties. After aligning himself with one of the groups, a battle in the streets ensues and Alex must face his fears to help his friends.

Boundless - Script

An original short script, "Boundless" is a military-themed, contemporary story that follows the journey of a young man's life in the Marine Corps after he experiences the events of 9/11. James must come to terms with knowing that sometimes protecting the ones you love, means preserving their memory. 10 pages.

Boot Status

An original short script, "Boot Status" is a military-themed, comedy about a young Marine during his first deployment to Afghanistan. LCpl Dorton must find his place among the Marines he works with, while he learns the way of life on deployments. 10 pages.

Open Your Eyes

Originally published by American Grit, "Open Your Eyes" is a military-themed, adult, flash fiction that offers its audience a look through the eyes of a former combat medic with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as he wrestles his demons within a drunken haze. As he tries to make sense of the situation he's in, unexplained events ensue that leave him feeling lost. 1000 words.

So Perfect

"So Perfect" is a contemporary, adult, flash fiction which tells the tale of a mother attempting to make the lives of her children perfect, despite the darkness that looms over them in their own home. Laura makes walking on eggshells while caring for two toddlers look easy, that is until her world starts cracking and she needs to decide if she can maintain the perfect image or flee. 1000 words.

Good Girl

"Good Girl" is a young adult flash fiction that finds a young woman struggling to make her way in a world of socialites, despite a troubled upbringing. A lover from the past emerges in an attempt to use her weaknesses against her, but he isn't the one in charge. 650 words.

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